Christy's is what "A Pub" is supposed to be. Our walls, our food, our drinks and atmosphere all breath the energy which pubs centuries before us have. We are a place where “you come as a stranger and leave as a friend”. Christy's welcomes all at any hour and is happy to provide them with the historic "Pub Experience". 

Beyond our history, we supply the most contemporary of creative foods, craft beers and modern music. Christy’s aims to be the crossroads of authenticity and modernism. This is what we provide every visitor who enters. Those who stroll past and come in for a bite or a brew "Enter in wonder and come back with a Tale."

​​Christy's is home to many people in the New Haven Community. We host many events weekly, monthly and yearly. All are welcome to all of our events. We try to create an uplifting mood in the historic "Pub" setting. It isn't easy, but we've found our efforts to be successful. All who enter feel as if they have stepped back in time, but also relinquish current trends at the same time. With Christy's you get the best of both worlds.